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A lasting Impact

Here at The Arts CH camp, we look to give your child innovative and hands on experiences throughout our daily schedule. Our camp is here to provide your child with information that they can transmit into projects throughout the summer. Our schedule is filled with dance classes, DIY projects, painting sessions, swim, water activities and so much more. We will be having weekly specials, from drum circles to obstacle courses and will be going on a trip once a week. We want your child to discover all about the arts and let them uncover what they love most. At the end of camp your child will come home with the knowledge and love of what they've accomplished here at The Arts Ch Camp. Hope to see you there and cant wait to meet each and every one of you!
Yael Cohen

Our Staff

Build Confidence & Friendships

As a team, our staff is trained to learn about their campers age development and to truly understand the campers. In The Arts CH Camp we promote self confidence and independence for our campers while building friendships. The warm team of loving counselors will give their campers comfort throughout camp, building a safe and warm environment where the campers feel at home.

Rivka Cohen

10-11 year old Counselor

Hey! I'm super excited join The Arts CH Camp this summer! I can't wait to create memories filled with such fun and warmth. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and to create a summer to remember! Can't wait!

Mushka Nacach

7&8 year old Counselor

Hey there!

I'm Mushka, I'm looking forward to having a great summer experience at The Arts CH Camp and meeting all the campers! Cant wait to make wonderful memories together!

Musia Kuravskiy

5&6 year old Counselor


I'm Musia, I'm super pumped to be spending summer in The Arts Ch Camp! Still a kid at heart! Camp is the highlight of my year and I'm ready to make memories full of fun! Every child is an artist and creatively intune in their own way and I can't wait to discover and grow together. I'm esspecially excited to be in a camp filled with all my favorite things - art, music and creativity!

Yael Cohen

Camp Director

Hey there! I'm Yael, for as long as I can remember art was a part of me. I started teaching art to anyone who was willing to learn and then taught art in The Arts CH After School program, I love the opportunity to share it with friends, family and to all of my students. I've always loved the camp environment, energy and excitement. Throughout the summers of being a head counselor/counselor I saw the impact that camp had on the children and the importance of a fun and positive environment. At The Arts Ch Camp we look forward to give your child an exhilarating summer with all creative activities, trips and exciting games. I can't wait to give the campers the opportunity to explore and have fun  throughout this summer on our fun filled schedules. 


Chana David

Program Director

Hey! I'm Chana David, I have a passion for fashion and love the arts. I especially love the camp environment and can't wait to work at The Arts CH Camp and give the campers the best summer!

Weekly Trips

A time to explore

We will be using private transportation and will be having camp t-shirts with contact numbers. Under the supervision of caring, well-trained staff, the campers will be closely supervised making every child feel safe.

Faigy Wilmowsky 

4 year old Counselor

Hi I'm Faigy Wilmowsky and I'm so excited to be apart of The Arts CH Camp this summer! I can't wait to meet all and have a fun filled summer together filled with activities, art, music, dance and so much more. Looking forward!

Weekly Specials

Creating unity

Once a week we will be having a new special guest to lead us in an activity with the whole camp. All the campers will be together giving a sense warmth and a feeling of unity throughout the camp.

Camp Activities

Music and movement

Experience Total Fun

Customized Pool Design

Swimming and Sports

Ready, Set, Go

DIY projects

Hands On

Art & Creativity

Exploring Creativity and Imagination


Mon - Thurs: 9am - 3pm

Friday: 9:00-12:30
Sat-Sun: Closed


The Arts CH 

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