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Light and Dark!

This weeks theme was about the 1st day of creation, Light and Dark! We learnt what it means to bring light into any situation. We connected it to art by learning color values, tonal gradiation, Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Cubism.

We started off our week with Dance! Sara came in to teach us awesome moves and songs.

We made such cool sculptures with clay, beads and wire! We saw how we can mold it to any shape we wanted.

On Tuesday we had Brendan come and do a drum circle for us!

He taught us some beats rhythms, the bass and much more!

We played our favorite songs and danced!

Atarah gave us an awesome baking class that we decorated with yum frosting!

On Wednesday we went to Domino Park for a bit and, at camp, Tie Dyed our canvas tote bags which we will be using throughout the summer to store out art projects and portfolios!

Drama Class!

They learnt how to show an emotion without using their facial expressions but rather your body. In a production, the crowd is too far to see your face so your body is how an actor will communicate their emotion!

The class started by walking into the room and doing a motion that acted out your feeling!

A science experiment was set up and we made lava lamps!

We saw how the oil and water separated and by adding food coloring and alka seltze the mixture started bubbling!

Today, we learnt about the parsha and braided challah to get ready for shabbos!

'Tzedaka Sculptures' (the oldest bunk) presented a play to 'Giving gumballs' (the youngest bunk) and they we loved it!

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