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Our world

We started off the week by learning about the world we live in. The counselors introduced the 'theme' by talking about how us, humans, have the responsibility to upkeep the world. The bunks then discussed and thought of different scenarios to prevent being wasteful and how it can benefit the world around us. We then headed to the park to collect some rocks for our rock photo holders that were painted beautifully with a touch of gold leaf paint and wire wrapped around it.

We continued our choreography in Dance class!

The kids loved reviewing and knowing the dance moves from the week before, and we all love Miss Olivia!

We then started learning about Impressionist painters! Our first artist that we studied was Paul Signac, a French painter who used pointillism. We cut up paper into tiny dots and experienced how he painted.

Simcha Splatters realized how long it must have taken him!

On Tuesday we painted vases with enamel paint!

Our science experiment:

The bunks did an experiment to show how everything in the ecosystem has a ripple effect. A rose was placed into colored water, a few days later the roses started turning that color. It inferred from context how the ecosystem works, which got them thinking.

We also had a special guest come to camp and show us how to make our own flower crowns!

She taught us how the flower tape works and how to place the flowers to give it volume.

The frozen paint cubes that we put in the freezer the day before were now melting onto our papers creating an abstract art. Each camper was able to experiment the fluidity of the paint and color, creating shapes and forms.

Theres nothing like getting away from the usual and having a blast!

We went rollerblading which definitely kept us moving every second, and at the end of it everyone was skating like a pro! Even the youngest ones :)

On Thursday we created leaf art, this aligned with our Impressionist

exploration; just like Paul Signac and Van Gogh created their paintings from just small dots or lines, we created ours with leaves!

We also went swimming which got everyone into a summer mood and got to walk around our neighborhood.

Moving on to our Van Gogh exploration, the younger bunks painted their coffee filters yellow to create Van Gogh's sunflowers. The older bunks did observational painting just like Van Gogh, they rocked it!

Our Mentor Program!

Everyone adores it, we got to make terrariums with our group and were able to mentor and guide each other.

We also got to make challah in preparation for Shabbos!

We ended off our week and got to watch a special parsha play from Simcha Splatters. They acted out Korach's story and got super creative with all their props. They had everyone giggling while getting the story across so well!

It was so fun exploring and creating this week!

Next week:

We will be studying Marc Chagall and stained glass, we'll be making our own jewelry and going to Skyzone!

Looking forward to seeing ya'll!


Chana, Sara, RIvky, Rebbecca, Maayan and Yael :)

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