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This week we learnt all about unity! We discussed the different ways we can be united. Every activity we did, the campers made a connection as to how it connects to being unified.

When we did our Mini Master Chef, the campers got paired into groups and they realized how important team work was in order to finish their idea in just 10 minutes!

We also learnt about Marc Chagall and his stained glass Jerusalem windows. We dyed clear glue with food coloring and spread it over hard plastic sheets. They got super creative and made different shapes with it.

And learnt some more moves to our choreography dance! Song: 'Dreamer' by DeScribe

We then moved on to learning about the father of abstract art, Vassily Kandinsky and how he listened to music while painting and that he'd paint the music. We cut out different shapes from materials and used pastels. We learnt the meanings behind some of his paintings.

Kandinsky painted his childhood in an abstract way.

Once our stained glass painting were dry, we hung them up on our windows and saw the colors that were reflected onto the floor!

The TP Challenge. They had to create a persona with toilet paper. This enhanced our Unity theme and teamwork. All of the teams were super creative and innovative. Just with toilet paper! We definitely got a good laugh when it was time for the contestants to walk the runway.

Jewelry! We got to make our own jewelry with glass beads! This connected to our Marc Chagall study of stained glass.

Sky zone was such a blast! we came out sweating, huffing and puffing and tired but it was definitely worth it.

We used mosaic tiles and tacky glue to make a beautiful mosaic piece! This was connected to our Unity theme, realizing that so many small pieces are only nice when they're put together.

Simcha Splatters got to get some slurpees on 07/11 right after swimming!

We ended off the week with a crazy hair day, braiding challah and mentor program!

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