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Terms and Conditions:

AUDIO/VISUAL IMAGE RELEASE: The Arts CH, LLC uses images, videos and sounds of children and staff participating in programs as a way of documenting the enjoyable and educational experiences they have while exploring the natural world, The Arts CH LLC will not identify my child, or will identify my child only by first name and program, unless I give specific written permission to do otherwise. In consideration of the above, I hereby consent to The Arts CH, LLC (1) photographing, filming, and video-taping my child, and (2) using and displaying images and sounds of my child in The Arts CH, LLC’s websites, archives, and promotional or information material, including but not limited to newsletters, brochures, advertisements, and newspaper articles, and I hereby waive and release on behalf of my child any rights of compensation for, or ownership of, such images and/or sounds of my child.

MEDICAL RELEASE: This health history is correct and accurately reflects the known health status of the named camper. The camper described has permission to participate in all camp activities except as noted by me and/or an examining physician. I give permission to camp staff to provide routine health care; to administer prescribed or over-the-counter medications as described; and to provide or obtain emergency care and transportation for the camper if needed. I give permission to the physician selected by the camp to order x-rays, tests, and treatment related to the health of my child both for routine health care and in emergency situations. If I cannot be reached in an emergency, I give my permission to the physician to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and order and administer medication, injection, anesthesia, X-rays, special procedures, or surgery for this child, if deemed medically necessary. I understand that I am responsible for the cost of any medical care or prescriptions my child requires. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing, or insurance purposes. I understand that information on this form will be shared on a “need to know” basis with camp staff.

MEDICATIONS: Pursuant, to New York law and The Arts CH, LLC policy, I authorize The Arts CH LLC designated healthcare staff to administer as listed above Medications At Camp and Asthma or Allergy Emergency Medications, as directed, to my child for whom it was prescribed. I understand that all medications at camp must be approved by the camp’s off-site healthcare consultant, seen and checked by the camp’s health supervisor, and each dose monitored by a camp staff member. I understand that all medications must be in their original containers, unexpired, and labeled with specific instructions, including the child’s name and dosage, and that any prescription medications must include the full pharmacy label.

OFF-SITE TRIPS: I give permission for my child to participate in and be transported to any off-site trips as scheduled, and this completed form may be photocopied for off-site trips. This includes, but is not limited to, subway travel.

PROGRAM: I give permission for my child to participate in all camp program activities similar to those described in the newsletter, camp brochure, or information packet. I understand that The Arts CH , LLC reserves the right to change program activities or instructors and cancel programs, should The Arts CH, LLC decide in its sole judgment that it is necessary and appropriate to do so.

EXPECTATIONS/DISMISSAL: I have informed the Camp Director and other appropriate The Arts CH, LLC staff of any limitations to my child’s participation and agree to abide by The Arts CH, LLC’s, sole judgment as to whether my child can be accommodated in the camp program. I understand that failing to disclose any physical, emotional, or behavioral needs or conditions may result in the child’s dismissal from the program without refund. I understand that my child must follow the reasonable behavioral expectations and safety rules which will be determined by the camp director and that The Arts CH, LLC reserves the right in its sole judgment to dismiss without refund any child whose behavior interferes with the rights and safety of others or consistently disrupts group dynamics or activities. Sun and Bugs: I understand that outdoor exploration is an integral part of The Arts CH, LLC programs and my child will be exposed to risks including but not limited to sun, ticks, and insects. I understand that it is my responsibility to apply sunscreen and insect repellant to my child before bringing him/her to camp each day. I give permission to The Arts CH, LLC staff to assist my child in re- applying sunscreen, insect repellant, and topical anti-itch cream. I understand that some ticks may transmit disease after being attached for over 24 hours, and it is my responsibility to check my child’s body thoroughly every day and to remove any ticks that may become attached. I understand that participants in overnight programs will be given instruction on how to check themselves for ticks and will be reminded by staff to do so. I am responsible to do a complete check upon my child’s return home.


Payment, Cancellation, and Refund: I understand that the $250 deposit is non-refundable. I understand and agree to the payment, cancellation, refund, and late fee policies as described in the camp’s newsletter, brochure, confirmation letter, or information packet. I have read and agree to abide by the terms and policies listed above and those found in the camp newsletter, brochure, confirmation letter, or information packet. I, the parent/legal guardian of the named camper, have read, understood, and agree to the above.

I understand that for my application to be complete and to be considered for acceptance to The Arts CH Summer Program I am required to submit: (1) Payment, (2) copy of the camper’s immunization record, and (3) proof of physical exam within the 24 months before camp.

After School Program Information:

The Arts CH After School Program 

Here at The Arts CH we look to provide more than just one specific art but rather a variety of arts for the students to explore. In the Martial Arts part of the program, a professional instructor will teach the students different movements while having fun and getting their energy out! The Creative Art part of the program we explore different mediums such as watercolor, acrylics, oils, paper mache, pastels and so much more!

At the end of the semester, the students will complete 3-4 pieces of art. We will be using different bases such as canvas, wood etc.



We will be using all mixed mediums and exploring different styles of artwork. At the end of  The Arts CH After School Program, the students will have the ability to create fine art and creative art in their own unique way. Our philosophy is to allow the students to understand and create their own style with their ‘twist’. From working their fine motor skills to  developing a hand-eye coordination the students will learn new techniques that they will build each class. 


The first semester of the after school program will be 8 weeks. 

1 hour 15 minutes each class.



*We will be providing a school pickup service depending on who’s interested. Please email check off the school pickup box and let us know which school your daughter attends so we can organize accordingly.

Camp Information:

General Camp Information

Our camp hours are 9:00-3:00 on Mondays-Thursday and 9:00-12:30 on Fridays. 

Ages: 4-11 Girls

The Arts CH Camp provides on site painting classes, dance, DIY projects, science experiments, swim and baking. In addition we have ‘specials’ once a week, instructors will be doing the activity as a whole camp creating a unity in the camp. We provide snack but we do not serve lunch, so please make sure your child comes to camp with lunch (more information below)


Drop off

The morning sets the tone for the entire day, and we know how important it is for a child to be greeted warmly. Every morning there will be staff members greeting the kids, the staff members will sign in your child. Our doors open at 9:00, campers are not allowed inside before then. For the safety of the campers all the counselors will be inside at 9:15. If your child arrives later please contact the camps email or number to let us know and we'll be sure to have the child arrive at their bunk room. If your child is dropped off late on a trip day, unfortunately we cannot wait for her and other arrangements will have to be made. 


Pick up

Dismissal is at 3:00, staff members will be outside to sign out your child once you arrived. They’ll be communicating with the staff indoors to dismiss your child. Unless there is a unique situation that we are notified of we kindly ask that the parents do not disrupt the camp day. Regarding punctuality, we hire our staff for specific times and would like to respect their schedules, please respect it as well and pick up punctually. Even though we are not responsible for your child after 3:00, we cannot leave your child unsupervised, so If there are late pickups, we will have to charge for the time our staff a $5/ten minutes. You will receive an invoice at the end of the week. For the safety of your child please let us know if there will be anyone else picking up your child other than a parent. If we are not informed we will be unable to send your child home with the adult, please give a call or a signed note. Please let us know if your child will be getting picked up early as well.    


Camp Calendar 

We will have a camp calendar emailed to you that will notify you of all of our activities and trips.


Fees and Latenesses

We have a payment plan that will be set in place. The weeks payment is due before camp starts.



If you have a question or concern you can email office@theartsch,com , if there’s an emergency the camp directors number will be provided before camp. Note that email is our primary source of contact unless it is an emergency, we want to give the children our full attention.



Talk to the director

If you have a question or concern for the director she is more than happy to address it but please consider that during the day the director will be busy. You may schedule a phone appointment to discuss by emailing us.


Talk to Your Child’s Counselor 

We are more than happy to provide open communication between yourself and the counselor, however, arrival and dismissal aren’t the appropriate times to discuss issues or questions. The counselors responsibility is to be with the children, if you’d like to speak to a counselor you may let her know and schedule a time to call on the phone.


What Your Child Needs at Camp

Smocks: since we are an arts camp we will be using different mediums and will be getting our clothes dirty. We use washable paints but the paints sometimes stain the clothing. We ask to send your child in clothing that can get dirty or send a smock with your child so we can prevent that.



Water and Hats: although we have extra sunscreen and water on site we recommend that your child also brings her own.



We recommend that you bring your child in comfortable clothing and clothing that can cope with all the fun and messy projects! We require that the girls wear sleeves and skirts to respect everyones standards.



We give tzedaka every day and would love if the campers would come with some change to give to the ones who have less than us. 



Birthday celebrations are always exciting in camp! If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at camp, contact the camp director at least one week before the birthday and we would be more than happy to organize a time to celebrate!


Camp T-shirts

We have camp t-shirts for trip days to keep our trips as safe as possible. This will be provided to the campers at camp and will be an additional $10.00 (which is included in the deposit price)



Please note that we do not provide lunch,  we ask if you can please only bring dairy/parve.


Our method at The Arts CH Camp 

Our goal is to create a space where campers can feel welcome to explore, express, and create. Ideally, we would love if a camper left our program discovering a hobby or talent he/she never knew they had, or inspire them to develop a passion. We have found that one of the many benefits of providing these various outlets in our encouraging environment is that the campers discover themselves in a new way and access deeper levels of self confidence. They learn to respect and appreciate other’s styles and ways of doing things. Our intent is that this idea crosses over to real-life situations beyond the walls of our program. 




Our Showcase Art Event

At the end of the month we will be having an event that’ll showcase our campers artwork that they’ve done throughout the month. The campers will also be performing something they work on throughout the month. Our idea behind this is that our campers see their artwork in a different light and notice everyones styles and take pride in their unique artwork.


Our Philosophy 

At The Arts CH Camp we enforce positive speech and teach the campers how to use teamwork and see each others uniqueness and strengths. We value the process more than the final product and for the campers to really express themselves in their artwork. Please try to encourage this trust in your child’s process at home when the campers present or discuss their pieces with you.



The Arts CH Camp goes on a trip once a week on Wednesdays unless otherwise notified. We will be mostly be traveling on buses or vans. We will familiarize the campers with a buddy call system and the emergency protocol before we leave the facilities.


Programs and Systems  

The counselors will discuss with the children the power of words and mitzvot, when a counselor catches a camper helping out a friend or doing a mitzvah the counselor will give the child a sticker. At the end of the day the counselor will mention something she saw her camper do to help another. We will be having some prizes that a child who was ‘caught’ doing the mitzvah will be able to get.


At the end of the week counselors will choose a camper they’ve noticed was being positive and being kind to her peers throughout the week. The camper will receive a medal as a token of appreciation.


On Fridays we will be having a mentoring program, where the older bunks will pair up with the younger bunks to ‘mentor’ them through a project. The program will then transition into a challah bake and the older bunk will be able to guide their peer through it. This gives a sense of responsibility and bond between the campers.


The campers art pieces and projects will have a designated spot where they will all go. The campers will have a sense of responsibility, keeping their artworks safe and make sure they put their artwork away once they’ve completed a project.



Swimming will be held in Oheli Torah, once a week. They will be needing a swimsuit, towel, water shoes and anything else you think may make your childs swim time more enjoyable.

There will be fully licensed lifeguards to ensure the safety of your child/ren.



We infuse basic tenets of Judaism throughout the day that may get lost in an academic atmosphere during the school year. We have weekly Judaic themes inspired by Chassidic concepts that we integrate into our art after open group discussions. During our post-davening “theme chat”, the theme will be introduced and incorporated in the arts throughout that week. Our hands-on approach allows for a more integrated learning experience. We will be having a special parsha skit by one of the bunks followed by a parsha discussion.





We love involved parents, and appreciate when a parent takes interest in their child’s hard work. You will have ample notice for any upcoming events either during or after camp hours, so please be sure to check your emails!



Get Involved! 

Suggestions: We want your input! Please let us know how we’re doing, what you love about the program, and what you’d like to see improved. We are here to listen. 

Volunteer: If you are available to volunteer for trips, please let us know. We could always use a willing pair of hands, and the campers love when they see familiar faces from home.

Ideas: Have a cool art idea? Send them our way to We look forward to an enriching summer experience together!


-The Arts CH Camp Team

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