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General Schedule 




  • Director: Yael is the camp director and will be on site at all times. She makes sure everything is running smoothly.

  • Curriculum Developer: Faigy Goldin is our curriculum developer and will plan the theme for the summer, topics that the campers will learn about and the activities that go with it. 

  • Head Counselors: Our head counselors plan and run activities. THey get to connect with the campers on a different level and do activities that enhance the camp unity. 

  • Secretary: Our secretary will keep you in the loop for any updates and events that are happening at camp. 

  • Counselors: We make sure our staff are experienced and trained to understand the needs and wants of their age group. Each bunk will have a Main counselor., Junior Counselor and CIT (counselor in training)

Starting our Day

Our Day starts off with welcoming the campers into the bunk!  They're greeted with the room and tables set up according to what they'll  be learning that day.

Davening & Theme

Once all the campers have arrived it's time for davening and theme! 

What is the theme? Each summer The Arts CH Camp has a theme of the summer which is broken down into different concepts per week and then per day. This year we are learning Basi Legani! Each week we’ll be taking another concept from the maamer and learn it in a simplified way in accordance with their age and understanding. The art projects, science, baking etc. will correlate to the theme that they’re learning at that time.

Davening will be according to age and we'll have incentives to promote davening!


We have the park and sports almost every day! The kids love going outside. The HC’s will run fun filled activities and create a good connection between the campers and prompt team building and friendships. They will run sports, bunk games, and much more.

Art Curriculum

During the summer we will learn art history, use different art mediums and explore a variety of methods of painting. The Director and Art teacher will be planning the art curriculum.


Swimming will be on Tuesdays at Oholei Torah from 11:00-12:00


We go on trips once a week on Wednesdays and use school buses for transportation. Trips last the whole day.

Local Trips

The Older Division will have exclusive local trips. They'll go to different areas in crown heights and the local area on a special trip!

Weekly Specials

  • Our Dance teacher comes once a week to teach a choreographed dance.. They will learn it each week and perform it at our art exhibition at the end of the month. 

  • Guest specials come every other week and do a special activity with the campers. One week will be a drum circle, the other will be pita making etc. 

  • Specials are projects we do once a week at camp with unique supplies and techniques to learn.

  • Our Art teacher will come Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. She will teach a variety of arts each time such as FIne Arts, Art History, DIY projects etc.

Activities Throughout the Week

  • Science 

  • Baking 

  • Sports

  • Engineering 

  • Art projects 

  • DIY Projects

  • Shabbos Prep 

  • Challah Baking


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