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The Arts CH Camp 2021

The Arts CH



Here at The Arts CH, we look to give your child innovative and hands on experiences throughout our daily schedule. Our program is here to provide your child with information that they can transmit into projects throughout the summer and during the year. Our summer schedule is filled with dance classes, DIY projects, painting sessions, swim, water activities and so much more. We will be having weekly specials, from drum circles to obstacle courses and will be going on a trip once a week. We want your child to discover all about the arts and let them uncover what they love most. During The Arts CH Programs the kids will be able to build their artistic and creative talents and capabilities. At the end of each program your child will come home with the knowledge and love of what they've accomplished here at The Arts CH. Hope to see you there and looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!
Yael Cohen-Malachowski

“Experience is the teacher of all things”

Julius Caesar



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