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At home art projects

Project #1


Paul Signac was a French Neo-Impressionist painter who, working with Georges Seurat, helped develop the Pointillist style.

Supplies needed:


-Choice of paint (watercolor, tempera, acrylic)

-Paper (preferably a harder paper)

Dip your Q-tip in paint and start creating your pointillist style painting! Here are some of Signac's work.


Project #2

Coffee Art

Just grab some coffee, paintbrush, and paper and call it a day!

Supplies needed:


-Water (to darken or lighten the color and value) -Paper (preferably hard)

-Pen (optional)

If you want the shade of coffee to be lighter add some more water to the mix.


Project #3

Pablo Picasso self portrait

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright that spent most of his adult life in France. Pablo Picasso was famous for the art movement known as Cubism.

There are 2 projects that can be done.

A) Self portrait Picasso inspired.

Supplies needed:


-Printed picture of yourself -Art medium of choice (pastel, paint, crayons, watercolor)



In this project, you will be creating your self portrait into an art piece. You can use any art medium to draw and create art on your self portrait.

B) Creating your own artwork Picasso inspired.

Supplies needed:

-Art medium of choice (pastels, crayons, paint, watercolors)


-Picasso's art for inspiration

In this art project you'll be recreating an art piece inspired by Picasso. He started the art movement of cubism and creating unique portraits. Here are a few of his photos to recreate.


Project #4

Watercolor & Salt

In this project, we take advantage of the fact that salt eats up water creating a cool effect!

Supplies needed:


-Watercolor paint


-Paper (watercolor/textured paper preferably)

-Paper towel


The salt is applied in areas that you’d like to create a spotted effect (for stars, sand etc.) Remember that it should be wet when the salt is applied so that the salt can soak up the water. Once the painting is dry gently take off the salt revealing the spotted effect. Enjoy ❤️


Project #5

Abstract Art

On White II by Wassily Kandinsky is a colorful and imaginative abstract painting on white canvas. This was Kandinsky's most famous painting where various abstract geometrical shapes were used to create a noticeable appearance.

Such an art piece can be created with different fabrics. You can use any extra clothing or different color paper. It’s your artwork and you can make it your own style! That’s the great thing about creating art!

Supplies needed:




-Fabrics (can be any scraps of clothing)

Here's an example of what can be done:

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